We enjoy our life with music.

User:   Play some good music.
AI:     What’s your favorite music?
User:   Good listening music.
AI:     So what is bad listening music?

Festival Ticketing 3 days leave

Need to escape.
Not too long but well enough.
Maybe with something more?

We provide service of connecting festivals & ticketing platform in every each countries in Asia.

Sell tickets overseas on local platform, friendly & easily to festival goers.

One stop service for festival organizers to save your time and making  your festivals more successful and better promotion internationally.


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Booking Agency 10 years past

Where will you play if you can?
Who do you want to see or want people to see here?

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Recent Appearance

2019 Nov.
CADEJO (Korea)
@Golden Indie Music Awards (Taiwan)

2019 Sep. 
Violette Wautier (Thailand)
@Shout Out Festival (Taiwan)

2019 Sep.
Yellow Fang (Thailand)
@Shout Out Festival (Taiwan)

2019 Sep.
Airy (Korea)
@Shout Out Festival (Taiwan)

Interview by Unknown하세요!

2018 May
Mala (UK)
@Strawberry Festival (China)

2018 May
I mean us (Taiwan)
@C-festival (Korea)
OB Promotion House.